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Our Gymnastics Program is designed for the fun and fitness needs of your 12-month to 6 year old child.  Our curriculum is developed to not only teach gymnastic fundamentals in a fun and exciting way, but also to help your child develop in fine motor, gross motor, social, cognitive and kinesthetic areas.  A tremendous benefit of the Twist’n Tot Rebels Gymnastics Program is the sense of accomplishment a child gains in meeting the challenges offered in each class.

Our focus is not based on skill level achievement with a competitive outcome.  Our focus is on children having FUN while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics.  Gymnastics is an excellent sport for children, whether they stay in the sport in later years or choose other sports as their athletic focus.  Gymnastics teaches body awareness, spatial awareness, movement, builds strength and flexibility, listening skills, helps develop positive self-esteem and is confidence building.

Fall Session: September – December
Winter Session: January - March
Spring Session: April - June
Summer Session: July-Aug  

Classes will be taught by Shauna Wood Holm.  Shauna has 17 years combined National Ranked Cheerleading, Tumbling and Gymnastics coaching.  Shauna has coached Pre-School gymnastics and competitive USA Girls Gymnastics Level 4 – Level 10 for the past 12 years.
Diaper Dynamos
This class is designed for the 12-month to 36-month old child and parent.  This class focuses on introducing a limited amount of structure into a social setting for the child.  An obstacle course is followed by the parent-guided child, which involves all our specialized preschool gymnastic equipment.  Self-guided exploration is also part of this class.  Fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and social skill-building are offered in this class.  The instructor gives more specific guidelines and skills than at the previous level. There is a one time per year registration / insurance fee of $35.00 for this class.

Twist’n Tots
The Twist’n Tots Gymnastic child is age 3 or 4.  The parent is not with the child in this class.  Beginning gymnastics skills are taught on specialized preschool apparatus.  The lesson plans are designed with the developmental age of 3 and 4 in mind.  Fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and social skills are included in fun-filled class periods.  Fundamental gymnastic skills and rhythmic gymnastics are taught as well as a rounded foundation for future skill building. There is a one time per year registration / insurance fee of $35.00 for this class.

Twist’n Tornadoes
Twist’n Tornados classes are designed for the 4 1/2 and 6 year old child.  Beginning to Advanced Beginning skills in gymnastics are taught in this class.  Classes continue to include gross motor, fine motor, cognitive and social skill development in a fun gymnastic environment. There is a one time per year registration / insurance fee of $35.00 for this class.

Other Preschool Offerings


Preschool Open Gym                                                                                             

Every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to noon the gym will be open for 6 year olds and under.  Parents must participate and help their children.  Coaching staff will be supervising but not teach specifics.  The hour is for play, fun and exploration.  Call ahead to reserve an open gym spot. 


Lunch Bunch                             

One specified Wednesday and one specified Friday per month from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Wear comfortable clothing to move and have fun in.  We will do gymnastics, creative movement, arts and crafts, and socialize while we eat lunch.  Each participant will need to bring their own sack lunch.  1 and 2 year olds will need to have an adult stay with them for the entire session.

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